domingo, 5 de setembro de 2010

You got me

You're stuck on me and my laughing eyes
I cant pretend though I try to hide - I like you
I like you.
I think I felt my heart skip a beat
I'm standing here and I can hardly breathe - you got me
You got me.
The way you take my hand is just so sweet
And that crooked smile of yours it knocks me off my feet
I can't imagine what it'd be like
Livin everyday in this life - without you.
Without you.
One look from you I know you understand
This mess we're in you know is just so out of hand
I know we'll always feel this way (I know we will)
And in my heart I know you'll always stay.

Porque por momentos pensei que tudo fosse desvanecer!
Não te perdi, nao me perdeste, não NOS perdemos...

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